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London, UK (6 July 2012) – Ebook Services, leading provider of digital sales and marketing services for book publishers, has signed Karnac Books, specialist publisher of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy titles.

Karnac Books has selected Ebook Services’ Digital Comps system to manage its review and inspection copy distribution requirements.

Ebook Services’ Digital Comps system continues to gain momentum attracting an increasing number of publishers from the academic and specialist sectors.

The Digital Comps system enables publishers to easily market and distribute their titles in digital form. The end user receives a voucher code and uses the code to access their DRM protected ebook in a bookshelf branded with the publisher’s own look, colour scheme and logo providing the publisher with complete ownership and management of the system and its customers.

The system provides an administrative portal for the publisher to manage voucher code distribution to existing and potential customers through promotions or to handle requests from potential customers and reviewers.

Constance Govindin, Publicity and Digital Content Manager for Karnac Books said, ‘All publishers know how tricky it is to get good reviews, and most of the time, sending review copies of new titles spontaneously is not really cost-effective: production cost + postage + no guarantee to get any review or ever see our book again.

‘Thanks to Digital Comps, we can now keep control of the process in terms of DRM, in terms of costs, in terms of timescale. Digital Comps is a very user-friendly interface, easy to use by publishers and reviewers alike. This is definitely the way to go in the future.’

Ebook Services’ President, Suzanne Cole said, ‘The beauty of Digital Comps is the adaptability of the system for publishers across diverse fields.

‘We hope that people will take this opportunity to become familiar with the system by picking up Karnac Books’ generous offer of access to an exciting new release for a limited time.’

To trial the Digital Comps system and preview Karnac Books’ new release, Honor’s Shadow, the first compelling and haunting psychological thriller by psychiatrist and therapist, Dr Honor Sinclair, go to:

The title will be available online until 5 August 2012.

It’s easy to explore and request other Karnac Books titles for review in electronic form. Simply go to:

For trade and press inquiries, please contact Veruschka Selbach, Director of Sales & Marketing: +44 203 402 5232 or