Since our last edition we have been on the road in New York taking the opportunity to meet with clients both existing and potential as well as key media to spread the word about our systems. We would like to thank Guilford Press, Berghahn Books and NYU Press for making us feel so welcome as well as Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and The Association of American Publishers for their time and insights.

This week we note the importance of constantly refining your metadata, offer a textbook example of a promotion and share some intelligence on iPad usage by lecturers. Otherwise it’s all about Frankfurt!

Refine and Update Your Metadata for Search Optimisation

A reminder to all of you to treasure and nurture your metadata and in particular your subject classifications. The MARC records that we make available through the Ebook Collections system are derived from the metadata that we receive from you. Where possible we supplement this data to fill gaps but the more complete the metadata you supply to us, the better the quality of your own MARC records. Clean MARC records make for happy librarians and filter your titles to advantage when searching.

Textbook Promotions

Now that courses are in full swing, it’s time to promote your new textbooks for next semester. A promotion through Digital Comps takes just a few minutes to set up. All you need is a list of potential adopters, a web-ready file of your textbook and some good marketing copy. You control the number of vouchers that go out and remember, you only pay when an ebook is accessed. In other words, you only pay for what you use. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in setting up a promotion.

Increasing Numbers of Lecturers Using iPads 

We’re hearing a lot of anecdotal evidence from our publishers that many lecturers who were traditionally uncomfortable with receiving an ebook in place of a print book for their inspection copies are getting on theebook bandwagon as their adoption of the iPad increases. Both our online reader and the Ebooks iOS app offer great reading solutions for iPad owners so make sure to let your target networks know about this feature.

Fun at the Fair!

This week will be all about Frankfurt for many of you; we hope that your meetings go well, that you have some time for fun and that you all have great success at the fair. Ebooks Corporation has two booths this year, one in hall 4.2 and one in 8.0. If you have any questions about eBooks.com, EBL, Ebook Services or our parent company Ebooks Corporation, please do drop by to say ‘hello’ and one of our representatives will be pleased to help you.

Frankfurt Book Fair
12-15 October 2011
Hall 8.0; Booth R-933 (eBooks.com)
Hall 4.2, Booth L-424 (EBL)

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