Ebook Services is the new kid on the block at Ebooks Corporation Ltd (ECL), the company that brought you the biggest indie ebookstore on the web, eBooks.com, and the most innovative and revolutionary player in the academic library space, Ebook Library. ECL has been in the ebook game since the late 1990s and over the last decade and a half we’ve developed tricks and tools for marketing, distributing and processing ebook files and metadata that wouldn’t look out of place on the Starship Enterprise.

Now we’re handing you the keys to the toolbox…Toolbox Image

This blog is dedicated to finding the best tools that are out there to help publishers deal with the new challenges in production, marketing, sales and distribution that come with the ebook format. It’s a new world and there is a lot going on. We’re hoping we can lighten the load a little by doing some of the scouting and sifting for you.

As well as letting you know some of the great new solutions available for publishers, we’ll keep you up to speed with developments at Ebooks Corporation and particularly anything new with the Ebook Services that we offer to our publishing partners. All of the Ebook Services solutions for publishers are free to set up – no set up fees and no annual maintenance fees. We believe that by giving our publishers free and easy tools to use with low up front investment and zero risk we’ll all profit from the experience.

To start you off we’ve created Digital Comps, an exceptionally elegant solution for e-Inspection copy fulfillment and promotions. Ebook Collections is another great way to start experimenting with selling ebooks direct to libraries. Both come complete with your own administration and patron portal branded with your company’s look so you can manage your customers.

Ebook Services for publishers. Your books. Your brand. Your customers.

If you’re interested in trialing Digital Comps and / or Ebook Collections then request a trial and one of our team will be in touch shortly to set you up. Or, if you already have an Ebooks Corporation “Publisher Interface” account you can simply login in here and get a free 14 day trial of the system.