It’s been a busy month, especially with the release of our new product, Ebook Engine. Orca Book Publishers signs up to Ebook Collections and the Editorial Department at Princeton University Press adapts Digital Comps to their own needs.

Sharing the Love

It’s gratifying to see our existing valued clients signing up for another of our products after integrating Digital Comps into their day-to-day work processes and sales and distribution strategies.

Award-winning independent children’s book publisher, Orca Book Publishers, has signed up for our EbookCollections system after coming on board with Digital Comps. Director of Digital Products, Melanie Jeffs said:

The MARC records, the download lending and the read-aloud function are features that our customers have been asking for. Combined with the ease of use, the Ebook Collections are a great solution for selling ebooks.

Ask Us About Ebook Engine…

We recently released Ebook Engine, which enables you to sell ebooks directly from your own website. It’s the perfect platform to take your ebook sales to the next level or enhance your existing direct distribution strategies with a more targeted approach.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a free trial.

Princeton University Press’ Editorial Department Gets Creative with Digital Comps

We were thrilled to receive some feedback from our friends in the Editorial Department at Princeton University Press about their rather clever use of the Digital Comps system to provide authors with copies of their own ebooks.

I accessed my account and my (rather smart looking) ebook just fine. Thank you for setting this up, I’m rather flattered to be the first author to get this treatment…

The Digital Comps system is as versatile as you need it to be and we love to hear how you’re adapting it your needs.


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